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An Engineer in Balance

When engineers and designers take your typical brain dominance test, it's a safe bet that most engineers will land on the analytical/logical (left) side and most designers will land on the creative/artistic (right) side. If you put together a team of left-brained engineers and right-brained designers, you have the right mix of talent to build something truly amazing. Unfortunately, these two agents don't always mix well together: like water and oil, communication between the two can be difficult since the way they approach problems is so radically different.

This is where I come in: my brain is an even split, 50% left, 50% right. This balance gives me the unique ability to guide the aforementioned two groups to work synergistically and capitalize on their own skillsets in a way that benefits the product. Further, I have a wealth of professional experience wearing each of the hats in game and website development: from building 3D game engines and level editors, to coding multi-million dollar websites, from designing internationally acclaimed games to managing teams of engineers and designers, I am a rare jack-of-all-trades that has a passion for getting things done right.

50% Left Brain, 50% Right Brain

David Howe, A balanced engineer

Detail Oriented

Capable of zooming in through the fog of war to see minute details that could potentially derail or prolong an aggressively scheduled project. Understanding that seemingly-small tidbits can have a massive impact on a product's success.


Methodical & Consistent

Big believer in doing what you say you're going to do and following through with commitments. In coding, this means strong, useful documentation and adherence to platform standards; in project management, establishing a rhythm and set of expectations for the team to stick with from start to finish.


Problem Solver

Innovation for the sake of innovation is not always wise: capable of sifting the good ideas from the bad and isolating features or concepts that break convention insensibly.


Big Picture

Able to visualize the goal and create realistic milestones along the road from the start to completion of a project. Can distinguish between must-haves that can make or break a product and wish-list features that could be added after initial release.


Technical Communication

Unique background in acting and public speaking creates an effective bridge over the oftentimes challenging communication gap between highly technical engineers and less tech-verbose leaders in marketing and business channels, resulting in less opportunities for misunderstanding and lost time.


Problem Solver

Willing to take the tried-and-true course, but always on the look out for the road less traveled when it has the chance to lead to something innovative and industry-changing.